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"...fascinating information and folklore about some of the most famous (and not-so-famous) spots in the city."  - Munich Found,
Summer 2006

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Mobile Travel Guide

Now, AudioTravel's engaging city guide is customized for your mobile phone. The mobile guide is available for Munich with other cities following soon.

What's in the guide? You'll find an interactive city map and integrated audio player that are easy to use and give you complete flexibility: Check out a few sites, stop for coffee, or snap a photo and resume your tour whenever you like.
You can also use the locate function to find a nearby coffee shop or maybe you want to grab a bite to eat where the locals do.

Just scan the map until you find a place and press go for a detailed description. Or choose a place from the list and go directly to its location on the map.

Watch the short video on this page to see a demonstration of the mobile city guide features.

Or try it yourself by downloading the free trial version, now.

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Mobile City Guide Features Include:
  • The city's most important sites on and off the beaten path
  • Legends, lore and stories even locals haven't heard
  • Interactive city map with three zoom levels
  • Locate function to go from site descriptions directly to their location on the map
  • Integrated audio player to choose and play the audio tracks directly from the map
  • Introduction video to show you how to easily navigate the map and menus

What is the free trial version?
How does it work?
Are there any fees or roaming charges?
Will it work on my phone?
Are there any fees for downloading the application?

What is the free trial version?
The trial version is available for free. It contains all the functionality of the full version with a selected amount of content. We recommend you try this version first before purchasing the full version. Also, we would really appreciate your feedback, so please let us know what you think using our online survey.

How does it work?
Just download the mobile city guide from here directly to your phone or download it to your computer and transfer it to your phone. Select the application, called "Munich" and you're ready to go. After you've given it a test drive please fill out our online survey.

Are there any fees or roaming charges?
Once you have downloaded the city guide to your phone, you have everything you need, so there are no roaming charges or calling fees. If you choose to call a restaurant or other site in the city guide, normal calling charges will apply.

Will it work on my phone?
The city guide runs on a selected number of phones click here to see if it runs on your phone.

Are there any fees for downloading the application?
This trial application is free.
The only charges you may incur are regular internet connection fees.
Charges from your phone provider will apply only if you choose to access the internet directly from your mobile phone to download the application using our WAP site (http://www.audiotravel.com/wap).